Estate and Succession Planning

Working closely with your other trusted advisers, we review the structure of your estate plan to ensure that your legacy is passed on in accordance with your wishes.

Your estate plan needs to balance your desire to pass wealth on to the next generation with your capital requirements throughout retirement.

The subject of transferring your wealth to the next generation is a very personal topic. It may involve a number of parties and unique challenges. Having the right legal structures in place will give you peace of mind that your assets and investments will be distributed in a way that best reflects your wishes.

We provide an open and honest forum to discuss your thoughts and concerns about how and when you would like your wealth to be passed on to your chosen beneficiaries. We act as an impartial third party to give you an unbiased perspective – very advantageous in such an emotional part of financial planning.

It is important to consider when and how to pass on your wealth and to whom. Succession planning should consider the financial capability of your successors and how the money may change their lives. A sound succession plan may involve education and financial coaching to ensure a successful transfer of wealth and prosperous lives for the recipients. Our advisers will ensure you can rest easy knowing that your successors have access to our decades of experience and knowledge. We can answer any questions you or they have about what will work best for your unique situation.