What We Do

We guide you to make sound financial decisions so that your future is secure.

Working with you to understand what your ideal life looks like, we will help you to establish a strong and secure foundation and empower you to employ your wealth to create the life you aspire to live.

We focus on getting to know you first. Our initial meeting provides a mutual opportunity for us to get to know each other, and for you to learn about how we do things.

This initial no-obligation meeting will clearly illustrate to you the value of our advice. We provide it at our cost because we are confident that the service we provide extends beyond simply planning your financial future—we will show you how setting lifestyle goals rather than numerical goals will help you achieve the financial future you desire.

At the end of this meeting if we agree that working together will provide value to your life, then we move to the next steps. If, however, we don’t think we can add significant value, we will be honest and upfront about that. At the very least you will have gained some clarity and direction toward a financial management strategy that works for you.


Our Clients 

Our clients are at the heart of what we do. We have a wide-ranging client base consisting of high net worth individuals, couples and trustees of family and charitable trusts.

They come from all walks of life but share a common aim of simplifying their financial lives and gaining confidence that they are on track and their future is secure.

Many came to us when they received money through an inheritance, business sale, relationship separation or death of a partner. Others have not been confident in the advice they have received and are seeking reassurance they are on the right track. Our younger clients are in a position where they have reduced debt, have surplus income and are ready to invest in their future.



We are qualified financial planners who will help you to achieve the lifestyle you aspire to.

Financial Planning

We are financial planners first and foremost.

Financial planning is more than producing a written plan and simply allocating your assets to investments based on a one-off conversation. Our financial advice is tailored to your unique needs.

At Lodestar, your financial plan is personal, interactive and ongoing. It’s born out of a clear process and researched solutions, guided by your values, purpose and goals.

Financial planning starts by uncovering the purpose of your money and building a picture of your ideal future, whether you’re planning for financial freedom or planning for retirement. With this future in mind, we work with you to build a financial plan encompassing all elements of your financial life. Once you have a tailored financial plan to guide the way, we will provide you with the greatest chance of achieving the life you aspire to.

Your financial plan may include Investment Planning, Retirement Planning, Risk Management, Estate and Succession Planning, or Charitable Giving.