Portfolio Management

Our approach to investment is about building a portfolio that will provide you with the greatest opportunity of achieving the life you aspire to while reducing anxiety and worry about your money.

There is no speculation in what we do. We don’t claim to pick the next big investment opportunity or predict when the next big market crash will be.

Instead, we design investment portfolios to capture long term market returns using an evidence-based investment philosophy.

Evidence tells us that the following points are key to achieving long term investment success:

  • An investor’s goals and aspirations should be central to portfolio construction to give them the greatest chance of achieving the financial future they aspire to.
  • Markets are efficient – all information known about a company is already reflected in its stock price. Because of this, it is incredibly hard to beat the market.
  • Trying to consistently time markets or predict the future, when deciding how to invest, adds cost and risk to a portfolio without increasing the expected return.
  • Minimising the cost of investing is vital to long term success.
  • Global diversification, when applied appropriately, reduces investment risk and enhances expected returns.
  • The most important decision is the asset allocation, the proportion of the portfolio invested in each asset class (shares, fixed interest and cash). Asset allocation is what determines the returns and risk of a portfolio, rather than which individual asset should or shouldn’t be held.

One of the main drivers of investment return is risk. To achieve investment returns you must accept market risk. How much risk you are willing to take will influence the long term expected returns of your portfolio. This is controlled by building a portfolio with an asset allocation that provides a measured exposure to risk which is aligned with your goals and aspirations.

The key to the long-term success of an investment strategy is to focus on what you can control and to ignore the constant ‘static’ from the media about market and economic predictions.

Elements within your control are: the allocation across different assets like stocks, bonds, property and cash, the degree of diversification in your portfolio, and the fees and taxes you pay.

Once we have implemented an investment portfolio, we work closely with you over time to teach you valuable risk management strategies for the future, such as how to avoid undisciplined behaviours and emotional decision making based on speculation that may lead to poor investment outcomes long term.

In short, our evidence-based approach revolves around you with the aim of maximising returns for your acceptable level of risk though global diversification and cost minimisation

DIMS Licence 

Kepler Group Southland limited holds a Discretionary Investment Management (DIMS) licence granted by the Financial Markets Authority. This gives us the ability to manage investments on your behalf, freeing up your time to focus on doing the things that are most important to you.


As a local boutique firm, we have access to global insights and world class investment research though our partnership with Consilium NZ Limited (Consilium). Consilium provides a world class investment solution, investment research, modelling tools and access to a custodial wrap service to safeguard your investments.

The strength of Consilium’s investment processes are such that they have been independently certified by the Centre for Fiduciary Excellence (CEFEX) as achieving global best practice standards.



As part of our association with Consilium, we have access to the Synergy range of investment funds.

Synergy Investment's funds provide a simple yet sophisticated, diversified portfolio option utilising the best attributes of active and passive strategies. Synergy provides a low-cost solution for clients wanting a simplified investment experience.